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Dental Implant Myths Debunked

Brooklyn dental implants

Dental implants are still relatively new on the scene, but have already accumulated many myths. Rather than believe the things that you hear, why not debunk the myths and learn the truth? Read below to learn some of the most common dental implant myths and the truth behind the matter.

Myth 1: Implants are Noticeable

One of the greatest advantages of a dental implant is its appearance. It looks and feels more like a real tooth than other options. It is 100% myth that people will notice that it is not a real tooth, unless you point the fact out to them, of course.

Myth 2: Costs are Too Much

The cost of Brooklyn dental implants is more than some of the other tooth replacement options out there, but this isn’t to say that it is unaffordable. Many people use implants and with great financing options available, the costs won’t bury you alive. Compare the options if you want dental implants at the best price possible.

Myth 3: Implants are Uncomfortable

Brooklyn dental implants

Do not avoid dental implants under the assumption they’re uncomfortable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Implants are not at all painful to install or once you’re out of the office and living life. If you think that they’re painful, ask anyone who’s ever used them.

Myth 4: It Takes a Long Time to Recover

Dental implant healing time lasts two to six months, but the amount of time necessary for recovery varies from one person to another. There are many factors that impact the time that you need to heal, including the time to implant roots to the bone.

Don’t believe the hype! These common dental implant myths shouldn’t stop you from getting the beautiful smile that you want after a missing tooth problem.